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How to fix Samsung screen with yellow, blue, pink color effectively

When the brightness of a phone using an AMOLED display decreases in brightness past a certain point, the screen begins to flicker or vibrate. This is a result of the AMOLED technology that Samsung, among other manufacturers, uses in their displays and how these types of displays work.

With traditional LCD screens, light is shined through an array of pixels to increase or decrease their brightness, and brightness adjustment is done by dimming this light. But with AMOLED screens, each pixel emits its own light — so to reduce the screen's brightness, the current flowing through these pixels must be reduced in some way. It is this reduced current that can make your screen appear to pulsate or flicker.

This application solves the problems of AMOLED by replacing the system functions for automatic brightness adjustment, dimming the displayed pixels on the screen without having to reduce the current flowing through them. This means it can keep the screen's physical brightness high enough to avoid screen flickering issues, while automatically reducing the actual screen brightness according to the ambient light, double protection. your eyes. It lowers the screen brightness by turning off some pixels and adding a transparent black layer mask, then gives you an easy-to-access control bar to further adjust the brightness. Another benefit is that it allows you to darken the screen beyond the minimum brightness level.

After android o version, this app is still available on status bar, notification drop-down menu or lock screen.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the video above. We will help you as soon as possible.

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