Why Adguard DNS can block ads on Android ?

What is DNS Adguard?

According to the official website, AdGuard DNS is an easy way to block internet ads that does not require app installation. It's free and compatible with all devices. The important thing about AdGuard DNS is that you can block ads system-wide without rooting your Android device.

That means you no longer need to root your device or play Chrome chess to turn off ads on Android. So, in this article, we will share a working method that will help you block ads using private DNS on Android.

Steps to block ads on Android using private DNS

Make sure your phone runs on Android 9 Pie or later. If it runs on Pie, follow some simple steps below.

1. First, open your Android app drawer and tap Settings.

2. In the Settings tab, you must select Network & Internet or Wireless & Network.

3. In Network & Internet Settings, select Private DNS.

4. Now, you need to select the Configure Private DNS option.

5. Under hostname, enter ''

6. Save the settings to finish.

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